Sisters Courses

MA Mission London runs the following courses for FREE!

Basic Quran Classes

Every Monday 2-3pm and Thursday 11am – 12pm

  • These classes are aimed at adult women who need to learn how to read Arabic
  • The classes will accomodate for both Urdu speakers and English speakers
  • Ideal for reverts
  • Please note this is not aimed at children and not appropriate for them

Weekly Dhikr Gatherings

Every Tuesday 10:30 – 12pm

  • Come and cleanse the soul with the remembrance of Allah
  • Aimed at all women
  • Ideal for reverts interested in Sufism and Tassawuf

Laws of Worship (Fiqh) Class

Every Wednesday 11am – 12.30pm

  • Come and learn how to properly worship Allah according to the Hanafi school of thought
  • Informal friendly teaching enviornment (dars style)
  • Perfect for reverts learning their faith and for simply refreshing one’s memory
  • Delivered in Urdu and English


  • For more information regarding any of these courses contact
    • 02085990768