Monthly Zikr


Introduction to Zikr

The term Zikr literally means ‘to call back to memory’ or ‘to have something in conscious mind’. Therefore, when we are told to perform Zikr of Allah (SWT), it actually implies that we have to be God-conscious or conscious of Allah (SWT) at all times. We must always strive to remember Him in all situations and conditions.

We have been instructed to perform Zikr of Allah (SWT).

“O you who have faith! Remember Allah with frequent remembrance, and glorify Him morning and evening”. – The Holy Quran (33:41-42)

The Holy Prophet (Peace be upon Him) has said; 

“Verily my Lord has commanded to me that: My speech should only be His Dhikr (Remembrance); My silence should only be reflection; and My observation should only be for the sake of learning”. – Bihar al-Anwaar


Advantages of Zikr:

Many benefits of Zikr have been mentioned in the Holy Quran, Hadith and in the supplications taught by the Salaf. Some of them have been outlined below:

  • Allah (SWT) remembers him, who remembers Allah (SWT);

“Remember Me and I will remember you, and thank Me, and do not be ungrateful to Me”. – The Holy Quran (2:152)

  • The Holy Prophet (Peace be upon Him) has said;

“Allah (SWT) says: ‘My servant! If you remember Me in privacy, I will also remember you in privacy; And if you remember Me in an assembly, I will also remember you in an assembly which is better and greater (than your assembly)”. – Kanzul-‘Ummaal

  • It brings tranquility to the heart;

“…Look! The hearts find rest in Allah’s remembrance”. – The Holy Quran (13:28)

  • Imam Ali  (as) has said;

“The true goodness of heart is in its occupation in the remembrance of Allah”. – Ghurar al-Hikam

  • It qualifies one for great rewards;

“…And the men who remember Allah greatly, and the women who remember (Allah greatly) –Allah holds in store for them forgiveness and a great reward”. – The Holy Quran (33:35)

  • Imam Ali (as) has said;

“One who remembers Allah is among the successful ones”. – Ghurar al-Hikam


Our Event

In accordance with Sufi traditions we hold monthly Zikr programs. These programs are held at volunteer’s houses. The sessions include the recitation of the Quran and Naat-e-Rasool (Poetry praising the The Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him)). Then there is a short Zikr session for 30-40 minutes.

These events are open to all. Look out for more information on the social media pages and the home page of the site.

If you would like to host a Zikr program at your home, come along to one and volunteer yourself at the end of the session.


See the video below to learn more on how to perform Zikr and a brief history of the practice.