Mohaddise Azam Hind

Hadrat Muhaddith-e-Azam

Mohaddise Azam Hind prepared for a speech.

Allama Pir Sayed Shah Muhammad Abul Muhamid al-Ashrafi al-Jilani – Born in Utter Pradesh, Northern India in 1311AH (1894 AD).

Mohaddise Azam’s father was Raees al-Hukma Hadrat Allama Sayyad Nadhar Ashraf Fadil-e-Kicchochwi and his mother was Sayyida Muhammadi, the daughter of Mahboob-e-Rabbani A’la Hadrat Sayyad Shah Ali Hussain ‘Ashrafi Miya’.

Following in the family tradition, Mohaddise Azam began reading The Holy Quran at the age of 4, and like many in his family before him showed early signs of excellence.

Mohaddise Azam went onto higher education and was under the tutelage of some of the highest authorities in Sunni Islam. His education took him across India to places like Aligarh, Badayun, Barielly, Lucknow and Philibit.


Some of his teachers included ;

  • Imam-e-Ahl’ Sunnat A’la Hadrat Imam Ahmad Rida Khan.
  • ‘Behr al-Ulum’ Mawlana Abdul Bari Firanghimahali
  • ‘Ustad-e-Zama’n Allama Lutfullah Aligarhi
  • Allama Vashi Ahmad Muhaddith Surti

Mohaddise Azam Hind was ordained his title of “One of the greatest Mohaddis’ of the Subcontinent” by Sayyad Shah Matiuras al-Badayuni in 1328 A.H (1911 AD) at the age of 17.

After completing his education, Mohaddise Azam became the mureed (disciple) and attained khilafat (spiritual successorship) of from his maternal grandfather, A’la Hadrat Ashrafi Miyah.

At the age of 19, Mohaddise Azam established a school of Hadith under the leadership of Hadrat Allama Sayyad Muhammad Mir Saheb in Dehli.

The publication of ‘Ashrafi Monthly’ also began in 1339 AH (Janurary 1922 AD) in which he refuted the growing threat of Wahhabis, Qaddianis and other deviant sects.

Mohaddise Azam was also a prolific author. Penning over 100 books and booklets. The most widely renowned of these is “Ma’aref al-Quran”, an Urdu translation of The Holy Quran.

Mohaddise Azam also began writing a Tafsir (commentary) of The Holy Quran. Unfortunately he only completed 3 parts of The Holy Quran, of which parts two and three were lost. The Tafsir was completed by his son Shaykh Ul Islam. Known as “Tafsir-e-Ashrafi”, the ten part volume still includes the original first part written by the great Mohaddise.

However the Mohaddise spread the message of Islam via direct propagation. Spending 11 months of the year travelling around India and the world, Mohaddise Azam has been attributed bringing over 5000 non-believers into the folds of Islam, and spiritually inspiring countless more Muslims.

Aged 66, Mohaddise Azam Hind passed away on 16th Rajjab 1381AH (25th December 1961). His Jaznazah Salah (Funeral Prayer) was performed by Sarkar-e-Kalan Sayed Shah Mukhtar Ashraf, His Brother-in-Law and Murshid (Spiritual Guide) of his son Shaykh Ul Islam.

Before his passing away, Mohaddise Azam declared his son, Shaykh Ul Islam as his Janasheen (spiritual successor) at the age of 25.

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