MA Mission


The Mohaddise Azam Mission is a distinguished and well established organisation named after one of the great Sufi scholars and saints of recent times, Mohaddise Azam Hind.

Formed and initiated almost 30 years ago by none other than their son and appointed Janasheen  (spiritual successor) the eminent & world renowned Shaykh ul Islam. The renouned Shaykh is well known around the UK and has been visiting the British Isles since the early 1970s. Through his intellectual and influential lectures up and down the country he gave impetus to the Ahl-as-Sunnah Jamaat in the UK.

The regard and reputation of this organisation excelled throughout the countries, states and regions where Shaykh ul Islam has traveled to preach and promote the true teachings of Islam as passed down by their ancestors; The Noble Awliya (Saints). The state of Gujarat in India alone boasts hundreds of branches spread throughout its vast regions, running as charitable groups aiding marital expenses for girls from destitute households to teaching and training centres of both religious and academic levels.


Around the UK


Main building of MA Mission Blackburn.

MA Mission has had a presence in the UK since the 1990s with the opening of the first branch in the UK town of Blackburn, Lancashire. From humble begins the center has progressed to offer a fully functional mosque with madrasa and weekend classes for children. Learn more about MA Mission Blackburn here.

MA Mission Bolton have recently purchased a new premises. They have begun madrasa classes and also aim to begin a part time Dars-e-Nizami course. Follow MA Mission Bolton on Twitter here.

Inside main prayer hall at MA Mission Bolton.

MA Mission Preston have an established education centre running a madrasa, Arabic language courses and courses specifically for Women. Learn more about Madani Institute Preston here.

MA Mission Dewsbury have a long standing centre with mosque and madrasa facilities.

MA Mission Leicester have also recently acquired a new premises. Events will start to run there soon.