Foundations of Tajweed

Foundations of Tajweed

Taught by Shaykh Muhammad Afzal Khan

Starting Sunday 8th May 2016

Short Biography of Shaykh
Studied in Pakistan, Egypt and Syria

Has ijāzah in the recitation of Hafs from;

Al Shaykh Yahya bin Ahmad Al Azhari
Al Shaykh Al Imam Masjid Al Aqsa Yusuf Abu Sunainah
Al Shaykh Ahmad bin Mahmood Al Khafaji Al Azhari

Former Imam of Al Madina Mosque (Barking)
Teaching since 2007

Course Information

The foundation level course will include the following:

Section 1

History and Introduction into ijāzah and its importance
Huruf Tahajji-  Arabic Alphabet
Harakah (fatha, kasra ḍhammah)

Section 2

Letters of Maddah
Standing ḥarakah

Section 3


Section 4

Nūn Sākin and tanwīn
Letters of Līn

Section 5

Long Madd/ Short Madd
Āyāts; 4 quls

10 Sessions in Total


There is 1 session for a mini exam to test rules, and the recitation of the 4 surahs, for progress into intermediate level.
A Certificate will be given to show completion of course and passing of test at the end of the course.

No more than 8 to 12 students per lesson.

Those who have prior knowledge and want to learn at a more advance level can take a test and move further ahead into the next course.
This will be at the discretion of the Qari’s judgement after testing them to see what level they are at. If successful, they can continue onto advance tajwīd.

Children 10am – 11am
Ladies 11am – 12pm
Men 12pm – 1pm

Price: £70

Payment methods:
Pay in full at start of the course
Pay £25 on the first week, then £25 after 3 weeks, and then £20 after another 3 weeks.